Snow Plow Insurance NH

Snow Plow Insurance NH shouldn’t be complicated, but it seems that every year Snow Plow Insurance NH keeps going up?

There are some helpful hints when it comes to purchasing Snow Plow Insurance NH. First thing you should do is call us “Germain Insurance”, of course we are going to say that, but it is true.

Snow Plow Insurance NH

Getter Done

But really here are a few tips:

  1. Decide whether you want to plow municipalities? If you want to Snow Plow for the State of NH of any towns within NH, you will be required to carry a large amount of insurance and will find that there are limited companies willing to offer this type of Snow Plow Insurance NH. Be ready!
  2. Keep coverage on your trucks year round, Companies give discounts for continuous insurance and you can suspend coverage during the off season.
  3. If you have another business keep good records of your income for snow plowing. Insurance companies will audit you every year for your NH Snow Plow Insurance, so make sure you do not get over charged.
  4. Call Germain Insurance 606-1895, we will find you the best rates for Snowplow Insurance NH.

Do you need Snow Plow Insurance NH if you have a personal auto policy?

YES, if you plow for people or businesses for a fee then you need to have Commercial Snow Plow Insurance NH. When you only plow your own property then your personal auto policy is all you need. There are always snow plow contractors that do not get commercial NH Snow Plow Insurance, (they usually find out the hard way that there is not any coverage after the claim). Another good reason to have NH Snow Plow Insurance is so you can get the certificates of insurance and get paid.

Make Germain Insurance your source for your NH commercial insurance and your NH Snow Plow Insurance.

We have been helping local businesses and individuals with there Snowplow Insurance NH for over 20 years. We will shop your policies and find you the best price available. Give us a call today.

Ask us about other commercial policies including general liability insurance, workers comp, and other business insurances.

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